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Western Cape, Beer and Champagne Tasting Tours

Beer and Champagne Tours

  • Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world and Cape Town has a very old beer history and is the centre of the Craft beer revolution in Africa.
  • Craft brewers are small brewers — very small.
  • There are hundreds of different styles and types, from all the corners of the world - mostly categorized under 2 types:  Ale & Lager. The main difference being fermentation temperatures and the malts and yeasts utilized.
  • The hallmark of craft beer and craft brewers is innovation.
  • Craft brewers interpret historic beer styles with unique twists and develop new styles that have no precedent.
  • You’ll get a fantastic beer experience along with a taste of history

Woodstock Brewery

In the heart of Woodstock, you will find one of the best craft breweries in the country. Get great insight into the brewing process and meet the brewers responsible for the beers that are the result of sheer brilliance and outstanding craftsmanship from Woodstock Brewery. Situated on Albert Road in Woodstock, Woodstock Brewery has grown from strength to strength in the past few years. With the talents of  Murray and Dylan, Woodstock Brewery now produces and distributes 10 different brews, including seasonal and speciality brews. The journey for Woodstock Brewery began in Korea when Andre Viljoen decided that he wanted to try out something entrepreneurial and move back to the Mother City. The decision to go with a brewery was inspired by the fact that it was a perfect combination of art, business and science. In addition, there was a big gap in the craft beer market in South Africa. Andre bought the building off of the internet using Google Street View in a neighbourhood which was, at the time, the burgeoning foodie center of Cape Town. The building was a mass of concrete, perfect for a brewery, which would otherwise have ended up as a landfill. (Happy Pills, Hazy Daze, Californicator, Pot Belge, Rhythm Stick)
Jack Black's Brewery

Focussed on distinctive quality and innovation, our beer is made from the finest natural ingredients at our state-of-the-art Cape Town craft brewery. At Jack Black’s Brewing Co we’re dedicated to brewing beers that inspire us. Our focus is flavour and our philosophy is to innovate while staying true to traditional, hand-crafted methods. In 2007, founding partners Ross and Meghan McCulloch set out to change the craft beer landscape in Cape Town. Having experienced the North American craft beer culture firsthand, it was clear South Africa had much to learn. Fueled with passion, perseverance, and little else – at a time when the words “craft beer” were foreign to most – Jack Black’s has grown to become one of South Africa’s most sought after and well-loved craft beers. Jack Black Brewing Co remains independently owned and operated with a goal to brew some of the highest quality and best tasting beers in Africa. (Brewers Lager, Atlantic Weiss, Cape Pale Ale, Keller Pils, Butcher Block,Lumberjack, Skeleton Coast)
Devil's Peak Brewery

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company was born in the craft beer revolution where we were proud to play an integral part in the education of South African beer consumers. The name of our brewery was chosen to firmly root the brand in Cape Town. Devil’s Peak is a geological landmark steeped in myth. It has a strong authenticity and sense of place. It is iconic in the minds of all those who have come to experience it, which is what we strive for. In March of 2012, after two years of business case development, recipe development, garage brewing, government applications, and acquiring the right talent, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company was ready to show South Africa what it was capable of. This is when First Light Golden Ale and King’s Blockhouse IPA were introduced alongside our now retired Woodhead Amber Ale and Silvertree Saison. We have since introduced Devil’s Peak Lager and Devil’s Peak Pale Ale to our year-round offerings. It wasn’t too long before demand for Devil’s Peak was outstripping supply, so we decided to move from our small setup in Somerset West to a new production facility in Cape Town. This new space, with beautiful views of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain, is where we practice our craft. We also decided it would be a great place to open our very own brewpub – The Taproom. Our brand new brewing facility, situated in Epping, will allow us to further expand our offerings while continuing to innovate and push the boundries of craft beer in South Africa. At the forefront of this innovation will be the Afrofunk sour facility, our dedicated, in-house barrel aging program which will focus on bringing this globally trending style to the forefront right here at home. (Lager, American West Coast Pale Ale, First Light Golden Ale, King's Blockhouse IPA, Vannie Hout, Vin De Saison)
Newlands Brewery

Newlands Brewery, dating back to 1820 is the oldest operating brewery in South Africa and the home of great South African beer. On this fully guided #BeerExperience tour you will discover our stories, gain insights into modern-day brewing methods and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the beers.  The tour, which takes about an hour, includes a bit of the Brewery history, sustainability and a walk through the process (Brewhouse, Fermentation, Packaging and Warehouse) The tour includes the Speciality Brewery – Newlands Spring Brewing Company and fittingly ends with a beer tasting and a couple of pints in the brewery’s historic pub. Newlands Brewery, dating back to 1820 is the oldest operating brewery in South African and the home of great South African Beer.  Today, Newlands Brewery, brews 9 famous brands, each one specially crafted using time-honoured brewing techniques. We believe the best way to find out more is to come for a fully guided #BeerExperience tour where you will discover our stories, gain insights into modern-day brewing methods and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into our beers.  The tour, which takes about an hour and includes our speciality, small batch brewery – Newlands Spring Brewing Co. follows the journey of beer from its beginning as a grain, to its end as a well-crafted, ice-cold treasure, fittingly ending with a beer tasting and a couple of pints in the brewery's historic pub. (Castle Lager, Castle Milk Stout, Castle Lite, Carling Black Label, Hansa Pilsner, Redds, Mountain Weiss, Passionate Blond, Jacobs Pale Ale, Lion Lager, Carling Blue Label, Castle 1895 Draught, Liberado, Choc Milk Stout, Brutal Fruit, Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Flying Fish)
Cape Brewing Company

CBC became a reality when the Swedish brewer, Henrik Dunge joined the team of two beer enthusiasts, Charles Back and Andy Kung and helped to put their words into action to establish a brewery that makes beer as it should be made — in  true craft style. It was agreed that only the finest ingredients would be good enough for our beer. This was to be our passion and pride. After we identified the land on which the brewery was built, Charles remembered a brook that he’d cross as a boy when chasing Guinea Fowl on Paarl Mountain. Knowing that great water is the foundation of great beer, he set off in search of the source. Not long after the spring was rediscovered, water samples were analysed and flow rates measured. We knew that we had found what we were looking for:  an abundance of crystal-clear water to supply our brewery. Since we were setting up the brewery from scratch, we had the luxury of tailoring it to our specific needs. As with our raw ingredients, we settled for nothing less than the best. A brewery was built that could supply our capacity while reducing energy consumption by 65%. It was a proud day on 10 December 2012 when our doors opened to the public. Within the first year we drew more than 30 000 visitors to our brewery and over 45 000 visitors in 2014. Today, the word continues to spread as more and  more people share in our passion for finely-crafted beers. We invite you to discover CBC’s beer — brewed without compromise at the foot of Paarl Mountain. (Pilsner, Lager, Krystal Weiss, Amber Weiss, Mandarina Bavaria IPA, Harvest Lager, Imperial IPA, Octoberfest Beer, Red Weiss, Pale Ale, Rasberry Krystal Weiss, Peach Krystal Weiss)

Wild Clover Brewery

Wild Clover Brewery, situated on the farm Wild Clover (R304), had its official opening on the 31st of august 2012.  This young brewery joins the growing number of micro breweries nationwide, with the aim of brewing craft beer and enhancing and promoting the pleasure and enjoyment of this beer. “Back to slow and the values associated with it” says Ampie Kruger and his team who are of the opinion that we are moving back to our roots and a lifestyle that is more balanced and less rushed.  “The enjoyment of mealtimes and drinks are meant to be a festive occasion and not a matter of survival.” This brewery, like others in this specific market, concentrates on quality and uniqueness, to hand blend and brew the finest quality craft beer, in the same age old european traditions. Wild Clover Brewery is the youngest addition to this rapidly growing industry.  The fact that it is situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands makes it an exceptional and popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Wild Clover Brewery had its origins in 2008 in a garage, with a good dose of passion and a love of good wine and beer.  Since 2011 the brewery has been at its current and permanent location. (Eagle Weiss, Blind Mole, Double Owl, Black Dog)
Stellenbrau Brewery

It was as simple as waking up one morning with a crazy idea – perhaps not initially realising it would later become an award-winning one! Stellenbrau Brewery owner and founder, Deon Engelbrecht struck gold when he made the decision to venture into the world of craft brewing. During a visit to the Kwazulu Natal on South Africa’s east coast, Deon enjoyed a few craft beers with friends. Rising the following morning for a run, he did not expect to be feeling so refreshed, despite having the proverbial ‘few too many’ the night before! It was at that moment that he knew he wanted to brew his own craft beer and that the only place to do that would be Stellenbosch – a town filled with heritage…and thirsty students! In 2011 the wheels were set in motion. Discussions with technical specialists took place and building of the brewery infrastructure was well underway and by 2012 Stellenbrau had launched their first beer, the Craven Craft Lager. In 2014, this premium quality beer was voted top lager at the Global Craft Beer Awards in Berlin – a testimony to Deon’s foresight and vision. Since that time, Stellenbrau has continued to expand in size, infrastructure and reputation, while maintaining it’s ‘heart’ as a true craft brewery (which to us means making great beer through hard work and with no compromising on quality! (Craven Craft Lager, Alumni Ale, Governor's Red Lager, Jonkers Weiss)
Hoghouse Brewery

The idea for a Brewing Company was inspired by a great thirst that comes from two decades of geological exploration in the African bushveld and beyond by a group of explorers who were rather fond of the shared ritual of beer and bush tales around the campfire. Mineral Services, the founding company of Hoghouse, already had a much loved mascot. The little warthog was natural choice to use for the Hoghouse Brewing Company’s identity, them being legendary little beasts with remarkable grit and spirit. Our approach to brewing is collaborative. Tom Nowicki is our Brewing Director overseeing recipe development, quality control, brewing strategy and all things scientific. Tom is a geologist and expert in the field of diamond exploration and evaluation. Brewing beer is his yang to a very specialised yin. Byron Damonze, the Brewer and a former student of politics and psychology, runs the daily brewing operations under Tom’s guidance. Emma Emanuel, from KZN has recently joined as our assistant Brewer. Chef PJ Vadas works creatively with the team to align the Hoghouse brand and flavours by tasting loads of beer, naturally. (Our African Pale Ale, Witbier, Saison, Porter, IPA, and Amber Ale)
Urban Brew Company


Striped Horse

“In the beginning only pristine white horses roamed the wild African terrain. One day a thirsty horse stumbled upon a fresh watering hole, fiercely guarded by a territorial baboon. A battled ensued. The baboon was kicked up its arse to a high-up koppie. The horse did not emerge unscathed. In the struggle it had fallen in enemy fire, and was forever-more branded by the hot coals. To this day baboons roam the koppies, their purplish-pink bruised bums a reminder of the War for the Watering hole. The white horse emerged victorious. But it had earned its stripes.” The fable of the zebra and the baboon firmly locates Striped Horse in African terrain. Its mythology renders its provenance. Its legend orientates its tradition. Its irreverence underlies its ethos. Its bold branding encapsulates its spirit. Enjoy our crisp, refreshing beers – perfect for those dry, hot African days… and nights! (Lager, Pilsner, Pale Ale)
Darling Brewery

One of South Africa’s first well established and award-winning microbreweries since 2010, we brew a wide range of great craft beers that are loved for their flavour, high quality ingredients and slow brewing process. Each beer in the range has unique characteristics and an inspiring story dedicated to the endangered creature it honours and supports through various conservation programs we donate to. Darling Brew is available across the country in 500ml bottles and available on tap at approved outlets. 5L Party kegs are also available from selected distributors. More and more South Africans are starting to appreciate the skill behind a superb craft beer and the depth of range from our traditional lagers, ales, oat ales, pale ales, IPA’s, wheat beers and exotic darks. (Spirited Flight (The Golden Tail), Lagers -Rooibok, Slow Beer, Blood Serpent, Sun Gazer, Ales - Gypsy Mask, Black Mist, Rogue Pony, Thunder Bird, Warlord, Godfather, wit - Bone Crusher, Speciality - Long Claw, Desert Dragon)
Flagship Brewery

Flagship Brew is a family-owned micro brewery in Riebeek-Kasteel, proudly serving the Swartland quality craft beer hand made in small batches with using the nest local ingredients.  Discover the richness of avour and variety of styles with Flagship Brew. Finely brewed craft beer for a new world. Our working taproom allows sight and smell of the brewery in action. The brew master himself will happily show you around! Or unwind in the garden with a tasting tray and some cheese, olives and charcuterie fresh from local suppliers. (Summer Ale, New World Lager, Siren IPA, Red Valley Ale)
J.C. Le Roux

The House of JC Le Roux is the leading home of sparkling wine in South Africa and offers an  exquisite setting to explore the range of crisp, lively and refreshing sparkling and Méthode Cap Classique wines. The cellar and vineyards nestle on part of the historic farm where French Huguenot, Jean le Roux, planted vines in Stellenbosch after fleeing Normandy in 1704. In 1982 The House of JC Le Roux was established as South Africa’s first dedicated sparkling wine cellar. Innovation has led to JC Le Roux spearheading sparkling wine production in South Africa, regularly being the first to launch exciting new styles and varietals. We were the first in the country to launch a red sparkling wine, La Chanson, and the first sparkling wine made solely from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. With the launch of the Méthode Cap Classique Demi Sec and the Méthode Cap Classique Pinot Noir, JC Le Roux was again the first to craft these styles using the time-honoured French tradition of bottle fermentation. Cellar master Elunda Basson creates the range of beautifully balanced and vivacious sparkling wines and Méthode Cap Classique with grapes selected for their vibrant flavour and the exceptional structure they bring to the wines.

Cousins Jeff and Simon Grier started the family-owned Villiera Wines outside Stellenbosch in 1983 and embarked on an extensive replanting of classic and local varietals. Cathy Brewer (née Grier) later joined the family team to head up the sales, marketing and export divisions. The introduction of hi-tech cellar facilities for the production of still wines as well as Méthode Cap Classique combined with a unique wine business philosophy has seen Villiera developing into one of the largest private wineries in the country. Award-winning winemaker Jeff Grier crafts a range of wines characterized by a strong reflection of Villiera's unique terroir and the retention of the distinct aromas and flavours of the different varietals. The Griers have been pioneers in the Cap Classique category and their innovative approach has been evident other categories as well as in their business. Villiera is a family run winery in the Stellenbosch region of South Africa. We are a pioneering quality wine company committed to preserving the environment and have been rewarded with membership to the Biodiversity of Wine Initiative. We specialise in Cap Classique and have a strong reputation for Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Join us to sip our sustainably produced, small-lot wines at the buzzing bar in central Stellenbosch. Enjoy wine friendly, seasonal nibbles and sharing plates at the bar, settle in on comfortable reclaimed arm chairs, sit out on the terrace, or join wine-lovers spilling out onto Bird Street glass in hand. From the ceiling hangs a stunning light installation crafted from old Sauvignon Blanc vines, whilst the wall is printed with the panoramic view enjoyed by the Bartinney Wine Estate. Large glass windows are draped with native cape fynbos plants, casting delicate light and shadows on the proceedings. By-the-glass or bottle are the flagship Bartinney and the mischievous Noble Savage wines. Celebrate with some Brut Savagé Méthode Cap Classique, or French Champagne. We have a selection of meat and cheese boards, and wine-friendly snacks to accompany the wines. Wines are also available to takeaway.

Since French Huguenot Jacques Malan first set foot in the Cape in 1688, the Malan family’s wine knowledge accumulated over many generations. The late Frans Malan, beloved patriarch of the Malan Family and one of the pioneers of the South African wine industry, was not only a craftsman of superior wines, but also introduced groundbreaking innovations including co-finding the Stellenbosch Wine Route and producing South Africa’s first Méthode Cap Classique, a bottle fermented sparkling wine made in the style of French champagne. Today, his legacy lives on through his sons, Francois and Johan, and grandson Francois-Jacques, the 2nd and 3rd Malan generations at Simonsig Estate. At Simonsig, the Malan family values drive the Estate’s commitment to producing wines of internationally regarded excellence, expressing the unique and diverse terroir of the Stellenbosch region. We also believe that being a gift of nature made for the enjoyment of people, our wine offering should always be complemented by true Cape hospitality and efficient service. We recognize the importance of sustaining the source of our beautiful products, which is why the Estate ascribes to Wieta, BWI, HACCP, IPW and CVC standards that ensure responsible and ethical wine production.

Situated underneath the Helderberg in a tranquil Eucalyptus forest, Chabivin offers a relaxing atmosphere with great Champagne and local MCC. Chabivin is a producer of Methode Cap Classique, South African sparkling wine. It also imports Guy Charbaut Champagne from France. Chabivin’s seed was planted in 2007 through a meeting with Hendrik Snyman, a young and passionate South African winemaker. Hendrik was working in Napa Valley, New Zealand and South Africa, gaining valuable international experience in the making of red and white wines. He then contacted the Charbaut family, applying for a wine making job to gain specialist knowledge about Champagne. The family took him in as a foreign son, teaching him about the French culture, the language, the history and secrets of making fine Champagne the French way. This lifetime friendship grew stronger and at the end of 8 months’ priceless experience, Hendrik had to return to South Africa due to wine making responsibilities. In 2008, Jean-Pierre and Brigitte came for their first visit and fell in love with this beautiful country. With a little bit of imagination and a few flutes of Champagne, they started Chabivin.
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